Wednesday, February 10, 2010

There's a First Time for Everything

Hello to all of my future avid readers! Although blogs have been a major cultural trend for several years, this is my very first foray into the art. This form of expression has always intimidated me a little bit's just out there, for the whole world to see, if they want to. However, I have come to realize that no one thinks about a given individual as much as s/he thinks they do or should! So here I am, eeking out my small thread of interweb space, to publish my thoughts, rants, meanderings and ramblings.

My main motivation for this blog is to have a sort of "assignment" for myself, to: 1) think and, 2) then write about what I think. Thinking is in and of itself a most rewarding exercise, but I have found that subsequently writing about said activity adds depth and further opportunity for reflection. And I believe we could all use a little more reflection once in a while. Having finished my post secondary education (at least for now) little more than a year ago, I am finding myself hungry for reading and learning and some brain calisthenics. The beauty of the situation is that I am now free to read whatever I want, at my leisure. So my first choice is a deceptively "light" theology book called "Simply Christian" by N.T. Wright. It was loaned to me by a friend so I figured it's as good a place to start as any.

I read the first few chapters over a month ago, during a major transition in my life where I was packing up my entire household for a significant move. Our new location is some 6.5 hours and infinite degrees of idealogical separation away from our residence at the time (metro Vancouver to the isolated North end of Vancouver Island. It's a different world!). So it's been an adventure to say the least but I am enjoying the ride.

I am planning on posting my thoughts/ review for each chapter of the book and then I'll let the blog continue to take it's own life after that! It's quite possible that I will be blogging about other things in between to keep it interesting, and for all of my curious friend out there :)